The Pioneers of Crowdsourcing

Infobiz delivers highly scalable solutions to enterprise clients worldwide. Using a distributed workforce, Infobiz provides clients with high-quality, cost-effective results at unprecedented speed. By leveraging pre-qualified groups of skilled workers, breaking complex tasks into microtasks and employing quality controls, Infobiz eliminates the most common business problems.

Infobiz provides managed crowdsourcing solutions to accomplish labor-intensive tasks with unprecedented speed and superior quality.

Next-generation enterprises looking to drive efficiency and innovation have recently been able to tap into online communities to offload work. For the first time since outsourcing became prevalent in the 90s -- making it easier to move tasks out to partners that could do something better or more cheaply than you could -- businesses now have a new, potent, and often far cheaper option thanks to the Web.

Frequently referred to as crowdsourcing, and a darling of the Web 2.0 industry, it has recently come of age as the tools and marketplaces for on-demand work capacity on the network have expanded far beyond the early volunteer communities that originally proved out the concepts. Infobiz is dedicated to leading the next generation of outsourcing by leveraging its secure, enterprise-scale crowdsourcing model to help enterprises increase productivity, maximize workforce elasticity and reduce workforce costs.

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is distributed problem solving. Your most complex business problems are broken down into microtasks and completed efficiently by an on-demand, scalable workforce.

How Managed Crowdsoucing Works Section


    We develop a custom solution for your project. We then divide it into microtasks.


    We distribute those microtasks to thousands of qualified workers who complete the job with unbelievable quality, speed and accuracy.


    We quality assure all work by having several layers of quality controls built into our system to ensure the accuracy, validity and quality of each task completed.


    Once your job is completed and checked, we deliver to you the final, ready-to-use product.

Managed Crowdsourcing Advantages

  • Unprecedented Speed

    On-demand, 24/7 access to thousands of qualified workers

  • Superior Quality

    Rigorous worker qualification and quality assurance

  • Cost-Effective Results

    Virtual, scalable and pay-as-you-go

  • Proven Model

    Rapid industry growth fueled by crowdsourcing successes

Enterprise adoption of crowdsourcing has fueled 730% growth of completed tasks since 2008.

* Task information is sourced from the CrowdCensus report issued by The Daily CrowdSource in 2012.

Whether you are stay at home parent, or a college student with an extra hour between classes, at Infobiz, you work on your own schedule. Working with the crowd with Infobiz allows you the freedom to build the lifestyle you deserve. No matter what the economic environment. You work for yourself, on work you choose, from your own device, wherever and whenever you want. And, you get connected to a local, national or global community!

  • You have the freedom to work as per your convenience.
  • The ability to work from home or from your own device with regular earnings potential.
  • Competitive rates aligned to the tasks at hand, with payment directly to your bank account.
  • Stimulating work that matches your interests and skills.
  • Frequently updated, year-round job opportunities.
  • Tools and tips for greater productivity and success as a home-based worker.

Crowdsourcing success is determined largely by motive alignment of the participating crowd. Infobiz has a unique model to ensure success for both the ‘Businesses’ and ‘Participants’. The initiative is expected to bring in more participation. Hence, the relationship between motive alignment and crowdsourcing success is bidirectional in the model.”

  • Vision and Strategy:

    “The coherence of the initiative’s vision and strategy with the aspirations of the crowd ensures that the crowd is willing to participate in it.”

  • Human Capital:

    The skills and abilities that the crowd possesses is a determinant of successful crowdsourcing. The more skillful and able the crowd is, “the less effort required by the crowd to make a meaningful contribution to the initiative.”

  • Infrastructure:

    “Crowdsourcing requires abundant, reliable and cheap telephone or mobile access for its communication needs in order to ensure participation of the crowd.”

  • Linkages and Trust:

    Crowdsourcing initiatives all involve a time or information cost for the crowd, which is why developing the trust factor is critical. Proper linkages can also “add a substantial trust aspect to the crowdsourcing initiative.”

  • External environment: 

    “The macroeconomic environment comprising of the governance support, business environment, economic environment, living environment and risk profiles are important determinants of the success of the crowdsourcing initiative.”

  • Motive alignment: 

    “Motive alignment of the crowd may be defined as the extent to which crowd is able to associate with long term objective of crowdsourcing initiative thereby encouraging its wider participation.” The table below explains how the peripheral factors effect the motive alignment of the crowd.”


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